3 Phases That Will Help You Get Successful

There are people in this world who seem to have everything they wanted (or want). Those top achievers we look up to. They’re successful in business, art, entertainment. They gained success even in military, which is something I don’t understand but be it. And you are maybe asking yourself “How can I get that level of success?” We’ll look at it closer in my next blog post.

Tim Ferriss, the NYT best-selling author, has a podcast where he interviews some of those achievers and asks them where and how did they get where they are. And it’s quite obvious that all the people have two things in common. They have their morning routine – a very special way to start the day – and they meditate.

What these two things will do for you, I summarized in 3 simple phases. I also have a coaching about it, but let me now just summarize it for you.

  1. The first thing is that you get more present. And by being present you get better in leadership, you elevate your ability to coach others and lift them up, and you gain better communication skills. Because when you’re in the conversation not only physically but mentally mainly, it gets easier for you to understand what’s going on.
  2. The second phase is creating your day from your heart. This is based upon Gandhi’s teaching. Be the change you want to see in the world. First, you ask your heart what is the change you want to see, and then you visualize how it would look if it happened.
  3. The third phase is all about gratitude. It’s about finding five moments or things you can be grateful for. It doesn’t need to be something extraordinary. Quite the opposite. We usually forget to be grateful for the basic, simple things in our life. Do you drink clean water? Do you have someone in your life who you love? Who loves you?

I wrote a book about meditation and mindfulness with a chapter that talks exactly about this. How to set up your morning routine, so it serves you the best possible way. And if you’re looking for more clear life filled with more inner peace and calm, I ask you to go to this page and get the book:


It’s a short read but full of tips to improve your life with no drastical steps!

I will be waiting for your feedback.

Love, Peter

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