How You Can Re-connect with Your Partner?

I think that everyone of us has ever ended up in a situation in our relationship when we just felt stuck and doomed. When we asked ourselves “Does this even make sense anymore?”

Being stuck in the same endless discussions over and over again is always setting the relationship on a wrong path. And what you probably felt in this situation is the desire to yell “TIMEOUT” out loud. And you know what, my friend, if you did it, good for you. Because that’s exactly what’s needed in such situation.

Once you and your partner take a break from the arguments, here comes a time to forget about the reasons of your discussions and think about the reasons why you two are together.

Raise these simple questions “Why am I here? Why do we decide to stay together? What do we long for?” This will allow you to step back and leave the conversation somewhere on the side open for finishing later if it’s still needed. I do this with my partner and usually we end up in such a deep re-connection that the argument we started is no longer relevant.

The reason for this is that the arguments we have with our partners are usually caused by fears and worries from our past and about our future. But if you manage to stay in the present moment and reconnect, you can heal the fears and worries and overcome them together.

You can try this on your own just by asking yourself “Why am I in this relationship?” And later, you can come to your partner and pose this question, so you can both feel into it and connect. And if you find something holding you or your partner back, be aware of it, acknowledge it and try to find what you need to slowly overcome patterns from your past.

This is only a start to truly find yourself in any relationship you have now or may have in the future. There is more to it.
I’ve created a short course video I want to share once it’s finished, so stay with me and I’ll show you some more layers to a fulfilling relationship.

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