Chasing the Golden Moments

My close friend once read an interesting quote by Marcus Aurelius to me.

[su_quote cite=”Marcus Aurelius”]Are you afraid of death because you couldn’t do this anymore?[/su_quote]

I laughed but after a while it actually hit me. It’s so true. We do spend most of our time on things we don’t want to do, or we don’t enjoy enough.

For the majority of people, it’s the time they spend doing their jobs. And then, when they’re off they try to split the time among family, house, other duties… And suddenly, they find that there’s nothing they do for themselves. Something that would give them pure joy.

In the world where most of our time is demanded by making money to pay the bills we often think that finding the time for ourselves is time-consuming. Like we don’t have time to make time. Sounds funny, huh? But seriously, ask yourself when was the last time you made space for yourself – had a massage, read a book, or just did nothing – without feeling guilty? Without having that tiny voice in the back of your head telling you “you should get up and do this because it’s more important than you”?

Well, then my friend, don’t listen to it. Because taking that time to create the gap for yourself is about connecting with your gut. And the gut is the place where our needs are hiding. The childish needs we used to listen to when we were doing things just for fun. When we used to read books, not for knowledge or enlightenment but for fun. And it’s very important to connect with your inner self. Because when you listen to your deeper needs and follow them you will get happier. And many adults forget to do that.

Think about all this and promise yourself you will create time and space for you, and you only. Because the pure joy you get from reading a book that has been lying on the shelf for years is one of the golden moments. And those golden moments will later be the ones you’ll be grateful for. Think of it as an investment into your happiness and so into the happiness of others.

Be aware of your needs, my friend, and listen to them.

Love to you. Peter

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