Don’t Forget To Be While You Do

As the end of the year approaches, there are piles of work to do. At home, at work, with different state/regional offices. And the list continues. An end of each year is busy, chaotic and full of tasks to complete. To not forget about the “most important” things, we create long to-do lists that only grow and grow as we try to cross as much as possible. And if this goes for long enough, we lose ourselves in doing for the sake of doing something. Because we believe all this needs to be done and finished. And we forget that before we started “doing” all this, there was something much more important. We were.

That’s the crucial element to remember. In order to do something, we have to be first. Without being there is no doing.

Look at the children around. Whether you have your own, or you have some in your family, or just look at a random child on the street. Their innocence. They have nothing to do. They only are, and they’re content and happy about it. If they have a need, they express it according to their age.

I remember my son when he was only three months old. He was lying on a couch, just smiling and looking at the world around him. He was just BEING. No worries, no plans. No past, no future. Just here and now. And any time he needed something, he began to scream.

We all start exactly like this. And when we start growing up, we feel the urge to do. Not only at the end of each year but throughout all those years. Anytime there’s an idea, some inspiration; something is entirely wrong or completely right – we always end up with the feeling that we have to do something with it. Celebrate it or change it. Embrace it or forget it forever. Start it, finish it or simply bail on it. But you can also do absolutely nothing about it.

What I do when I get inspired, or have too many tasks? I connect deeper with myself and ask my heart. Because there’s the answer to whether it’s worth or not. I allow it to be part of my being, not doing anything with it for a while. It’s also nice because it brings me depth which I need.

I always get the answer and so I know whether I should start doing something or not. Whether it makes sense to start cleaning up the house now. Maybe there’s something that needs your attention more. And maybe there’s nothing more important for you at the moment than to shut down for a little while and experience pure being. Because what you have on your to-do list will be there after 10 minutes. And if you have some brilliant idea that you feel the urge to write down or start working on, this process will examine it. If it’s there after 10 minutes, you can then start doing.

It’s important to find a balance, especially when there’s a lot to do. Find a solid ground in being to allow for doing. And rest in your being.

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