Incredible Ideas that Never Fail

How can it be that sometimes you have an incredible idea, you make a plan, you start acting, and… and then it all just falls apart? Somewhere on the way you just feel like you want to give up, and in the end you do?

Maybe all this happens because the idea was created in your head, not in your heart. Your intuition comes from your heart and that’s why when your plans come from within they never fail. They cannot. But when your heart and your mind are not connected, your idea, however, amazing it can be, is meant to fail from the beginning.
And how can you align your mind and your heart, so they’re on the same page?

If you are right now in a position where you feel like you have this incredible everything-changing idea, let me give you a couple of tips on how you can be sure before you start investing your time and energy.

The first thing you can do is find a quite place and dive into yourself. Find that place where the drive for this idea is coming from and ask your own self for guidance. Because somewhere inside of you lie answers for every question you have about yourself. So, this answer is somewhere there as well.

The answers you find might not look right in the beginning because your logical reason is not used to listening to your inner voice. So, you need to connect it to your heart where the intuition comes from. From our deepest needs and desires. And that’s a reason why the intuition shows us a way to more fulfilling life journeys. Because it comes from the deepest parts of yourself you’re not even aware of.

Once you’ve found the answer and you’ve embraced it as the right one, learn to use the intuition to keep focus. Let’s use a metaphor here. Imagine you want to go diving. You come to water and you look down to see what’s under the surface. If the weather is bad, it’s windy or raining, you’re not going to see much. If there are currents rippling the water, it’s not a good idea to jump in. However, if there’s nothing going on above and below and the water is clear, it’s the right time to dive in.

And it’s the same case with your mind. If you have too many thoughts in your head, if there’s too much happening, you won’t be able to access the intuition properly. You need to calm your mind first, use focus and awareness, and then you can get the right answers you’re looking for. Then, you can start turning your incredible ideas into reality.

If you have some incredible ideas now, you can try this and then let me know what you think. If it works for you. I’ll be happy to hear your story.


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