How To Be a Leader, Not a Boss

If you ever looked at your yelling boss wondering why was he/she behaving that way, you laid the right question. Were they yelling at everyone when they needed something to be finished? Did they never appreciated good work and only pick on the mistakes? Then those were bosses, let’s talk about leaders.

For me, leaders are those who shine from the inside and want others to shine, too.

Bosses come to you, yell at you, and tell you that you need to listen because “I am your boss, you are my employee, and that’s how it is.” It’s not leadership; it’s an authority abuse.

With leadership comes natural authority. When you’re true to yourself, you know what you’re doing and what you want, that’s when you get a natural authority that is so scarce. You don’t have to play power games to compensate for the lack of inner peace and security. When people need to push themselves up with screaming and power image to convince people, they’re usually not much convinced about themselves.

The first step is to find what’s holding you (or your boss) back from showing the true self. When this drops, the power game that has been played drops away as well.

And many people asked me “What’s left when you don’t play these games? Nothing.” And I always say that they’re wrong. Only after those games stopped, the real leadership comes. The leadership by heart. Because only then you can truly focus on aligning the main three communication areas of your body – your mind, gut, and heart. When those three are in accordance, your communication becomes clear to everyone around you. And then, there’s only a small step towards always getting what you want and need without ever raising your voice.

If you want to become a great leader, not only a boss. If you want to shine and help others to shine, too, and enjoy what you’re all doing, click this link for more info. I can show you quickly how to become exactly that kind of leader you want to be.

But if you want a quick tip on how to get the leader role within your organization, then I have one for the beginning.

If you end up in a situation where something needs to be done, step up, speak your mind and start working on it. Then you already are a leader. Even though you may not have leader role yet. The world works exactly as it needs, so if you take on leadership when it’s needed to be taken, sooner or later, you will be given the leader role.
And once you have it, come back and become an even better leader than you already are.

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