Why is the world so CraZy?

Hey my dear friend,

That’s what I was pondering the other day as I was taking my daily walk on the beach…

Watch the video here:

Here is some other pondering I share in this video:

Is it evil politicians? Is it big corporations?

Could it be that it is a power tool we all have – that has gone bananas?

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How to Act if You Just Want to Fire Everyone

We all have been in the situation when you just want to get a certain person (or all of them) out of your life. Now. You’re frustrated, fed up, you can’t stand them any longer, every second around them gets on your nerves. Are you in this situation right now? Then it’s your lucky day because it got you here. I’ve been there myself but I have never done it. And why? Watch the short video above and I’ll tell you in just 5 short minutes!
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Morning Routine Inspiration After Coming Back From the Himalayas

I tell you about my morning routine I’ve followed for several years and which helps me set the track for my day to achieve what I want in my life. To get more of that in my life. It consists not only of the care of the physical body – yoga, running, proper hydration and nutrition – but also from a 3 phase meditation that helps me become mindful and aware for the rest of my day. It really sets the tone. And I believe that a proper morning routine helps you find a way to achieve success and get the fulfillment we all need in our lives.

Follow Your Heart – On Bringing Beauty into Your Life

If you sometime feel like there are so many possibilities for all the people around but not for you maybe you’re doing something wrong. It’s not always about your skills and abilities but also about opening your heart. Learn to dream big and fince the unlimited potential inside of yourself. Try to explore with me what amazing things can happen within 6 months when all you do is open your heart?