Notes From India

Hey, again my dear friend.

As you may know, I recently visited Himalayas where I went offline for the most of the time and I reconnected with myself. And now I’m full of impressions, so let me share those with you shortly.

The most interesting part of my stay in India, apart from the beautiful nature, is the story behind what I do. I spent 5 years as a monk, a lot of that time in India, and I went very deep into the spiritual tradition of India. That’s helped me since I came back to the west and have been developing Leadership by Heart since 2008. I’ve had tens and hundreds of courses and training, and thousands of students worldwide ever since then. And it’s been an amazing, inspiring and fulfilling journey.

And now, couple years later, I visited India again and I met some great spiritual leaders who do amazing things in leadership. Talking to them all inspired me so much. It gave me so much of an energy, I can’t tell. I, of course, shared what I do, what’s my mission with the Leadership by Heart. And their reactions? Heart-warming. It was a huge homerun because they felt touched and inspired by what I do as well.

I made several videos with them I’ll be sharing, so follow up!

But what I’ve been trying to say is that I believe that this is about building a bridge between the spiritual depth of India and the material achievements of the west. It’s about mixing them together and use the formulas to achieve what we all want and get the inner, deeper fulfillment we’re longing for in our heart.

And that’s what I’m inspired to do and what I want to spread to the world.

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8 Replies to “Notes From India”

    1. Hi Bhavik,The satisfaction that I get on spreading the happiness around is really amazing. My mission is my passion and invite everyone to take part in the journey that I embarked on.

    1. Hey Jagajeevandas, the spiritual journey in India was indeed amazing. The journey really helped me to transform and strengthen my inner ideologies and beliefs. I can’t wait to spread the serenity and the logical methods in achieving it. Keep following !!

  1. Hi
    It is indeed a very heart warming to know about your experience with India.
    We always remain in forefront in spiritual understanding. Indeed people across the globe knew about kamasutra and other things.
    I personally think East and West can never meet. Peace can never be bought,it is a matter of learning.
    May you get success in material world.

    1. Hi Mdtaslim, Thank you very much. I do agree with you. The inspiration that cultivated deep within me during my stay in India, is the driving force of “Leadership by Heart” where I try to pass on the seeds of inspiration and determination to my students.

  2. Peter Jee Namestey,

    Himalays are Great wealth of natural resources.These are abode for many Tapasvies and have compeled many to sell their feraries (Cars).They teach you to look within and I am happy that you have liked our country and have been with many who have touched.
    Keep doing the work you know best.

    1. Hi Asha, the lessons from the Himalayas will always remain a source of inspiration and it has strengthened my inner potentials manifold. I do agree the dividends that one gets from the Himalayas is worth the Ferrari !!!

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