I am off to a secret place for Easter Holidays

Hey my friend,

Peter here and I want to let you in on a secret. That’s what I do most of the time. As you may know I live in Norway, Scandinavia. And it was just awarded the best country in the world to live. So I feel very lucky – and a little clever.

You see, I’m a nature’s guy. And 4 years ago I made a clever move from the capital Oslo, down to a little coastal town called Risør. This is where all the affluent people in Norway go for holidays. I went down here to visit myself four years ago. After only three hours I decided to move here. And that has served me well.

You see, I try to design my life. In our company Leadership by Heart we call it Lifestyle Design. And it’s a core value to us. So much that our international team is paid to take holidays later this week.

That’s how it is to live in Norway… We have a 10 days public holiday around Easter. And we decided to close shop, and give our whole team time off for the holidays.

And during this holidays – I took my son and his friend, both four years old, down to a beach called «Hemmeligheten». That strange word there means «The Secret». Yes, THE secret. Funny name for a beach, don’t you think?

It takes a special kind of person to actually get there. It is a secret trail – that I was searching for my first 3 years here… and you have to climb down a stream most of the way there. It is very steep – so steep that many years ago someone mounted a metal ladder to the mountain to be able to get down. It took my girlfriend one hour to get down there from our house, climbing with those four year olds.

I had a phone meeting first – so after that I went down to hang out with them, and walking from my house I found that it only took me 11 minutes to get there! (and like an hour up – and I’m fit…) So that means I have only 11 minutes to get to a Scandinavian version of Paradise. It is a beautiful little beach… secluded.

Hardly ever other people get there and it’s us, some small island and the ocean. And lot’s of sun. Plus, to my surprise it has excellent phone and internet reception. Which gives me a fantastic opportunity. Lifestyle Design.

After my loooong Easter holidays I will start taking phone appointments offering Breakthrough Sessions for people who want to be a significant person by lifting others up. I will introduce Leadership by Heart Coaching internationally.

And where do you think I will make those phone calls from? Yes, you are right. Hemmeligheten!

Hope to connect soon, from a secret beach far away.

With Love – Peter

PS: I want to share glimpses of the good life and inspire you with stories you will love. So after my holiday here I will make a new exclusive Facebook group. You will be the very first to know about it! Watch out for an email with an invite for you.

PPS: Some of those calls from Hemmeligheten I might even do as Skype calls…
…and if you ask for it – I might just turn on my camera and show you around.

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