[podcast] Inner and Outer Purpose – Anchors and Voyages

What is in this podcast for you:
What is your purpose for being here? Maybe you have a very clear idea
of why you are here. Or maybe it changes every day. This podcast
explores your “inner purpose”, which anchors you to your deepest self.
And your “outer purpose”; the way you are exploring and expressing
your deepest self at this time.

But BEWARE, you can get held back. For example, “you MUST work very
hard to have a good life.” How many of us tell ourselves that
constantly? Even if it is just not true. There are countless hangups
and examples of limited thinking that can hold you, and all of us,

In this podcast I talk about using the power of transformation to help
you rise above your “old stuff”. Then using focused intention to move
toward the “new stuff” you want in your life.

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