The Answer to “Who am I?”

Recently, I was asked a very profound question that all of use get to be asked every now and then. The question looks very simple and as I was told seconds after my answer: “To some it is simple, to some it is complex, and I love to get all the different answers.”

This question was the first one I got on my first podcast interview. (It will be out in couple of weeks and I’ll let you know, don’t worry.) Sort of defining, right? But if you want to introduce yourself, there is probably no better way then telling the short or long version of “who am I?”

To be honest, answering thins kind of question hasn’t become any easier even after the years and years of searching. The truth is that is’s got so many layers personality-wise that it is almost impossible to answer simply. At least for me.

I consider myself as a joyful guy, living in Norway with a deep desire to change the world. That desire has brought me where I am. Being a life coach and leadership trainer. That’s where I started because thanks to my own unpleasant working experience I understand that working environment is a huge part of your life and it defines a lot of it.

So I started coaching leaders to improve their communication skills and to help people working for those leaders to enjoy their job. When you enjoy your job, those 8 hours 5 days a week, you are more likely to enjoy the rest of the time. There’s no need for scientific facts here because we all know it.

But I’ve gone further. I believe that we all, every single one of us, have some gift, potential that was given to us to give back to the world. And this potential is usually hidden behind limiting beliefs and patterns that hold us back. My goal is to help people get rid of those wipe them off, and unfold that potential that’s been given to them by nature, or God, or by whatever force you believe in.

Once we all have this potential or gift found and revealed, this world can be such a great place that it’s hard to imagine at this moment. But I believe in it, deep in my heart.

Does that answer the question?

PS: If this post resonates with you, check out this link:

Watch the video because what I talk about there it combines all my work and everything I do and I strongly believe it could change your life. I already know peope whose lives has been changed 🙂

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